Monday, August 12, 2013

The Ongoing Saga of Kitchen Container Lids is Over

Hello, lovelies!  Last week I was so annoyed with digging through a huge drawer to find a small lid that I needed.  In the middle of searching, I went a little "Mommy Dearest" on the lids and furiously pulled all of them out of the drawer and tossed (more like threw) them on my counter.  My kids were watching "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" and I just happened to hear the little jingle.... "When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath, and count to four".  So, I'm like, ugh....this totally should be an Oprah's AHA, I listened to Daniel Tiger's mom and counted to four! I really this crazy that I'm taking advice from a cartoon character?  Evidently, yes.

So, where to begin.... I organized all of the lids in piles according to size.  Then, ....cue Oprah....the AHA angels sang.... and I found a storage container that was free from a yard sale with some books I purchased.  It was going to be PERFECT!  With about ten rounds of antibacterial cleansing wipes the bin looked shiny and new. 

From that point I stood the lids up in the bin, smallest to largest, and voila, an organized lid bin!!!

Sometimes it's crazy how long it takes to figure out things that should be so easy.  What easy solutions have you thought of for your home?  Please share, we'd love to learn!