Friday, August 23, 2013

A Much Needed Front Door Fix-Me-Up

The boys and I have spent countless hours in the front yard this summer. While gazing at the house I quickly realized the front of the house was looking a bit blah and ordinary.  We've done our fair share of landscaping since moving in three years ago and I'm content on the state of the yard (at least for now, anyways).  We also added two black rocking chairs to the front porch, but still it needed more.  So, one fine afternoon while the boys were wreaking havoc frolicking in the yard I decided it was high time for a front door fix-me-up.

Step 1:

Luckily, we'd changed out the hardware last year when we found an oil rubbed bronze lock set on clearance at Home Depot (girlfriend can't resist a bargain!!!).  The kick plate was looking tired and worn, so that would be my first area to tackle.  I carefully taped around the edges and tucked a drop cloth under the door and began spraying.  I had just enough Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint left over from our ceiling fan re-do to complete the job.  Now it looks fresh and new without the hassle or cost of replacing.

Step 2:

This door was in desperate need of some COLOR!  My fav color just happens to be, purple it is!  Now, I knew I wasn't able to go with a true purple.  I'd quickly become the talk of the neighborhood.  So, my thoughts were to go with a dustier version.  Unfortunately, I'd come back from Home Depot with a failed attempt at dusty purple.  I waste nothing so I quickly referred to my stash of house paint and began mixing like a mad scientist until I had concocted the perfect color for our front door. 

Some taping and a couple of coats of "Perfect Purple" later and...Ta-Da!

This was a super quick project and it proved to be exactly what the house needed.  It freshened it up and added just the necessary pop of color to the front of the house.

A tutorial will follow to show you how to make that adorable and inexpensive coffee filter wreath you see pictured above.

;) Ta-Ta