Friday, August 23, 2013

Burlap Decor

So, let's chat about how much I LOVE burlap.  Really, I do!  It's inexpensive, makes a great canvas, and it's fairly easy to work with.

I’ve been using it for all sorts of projects since I found an abundance of it in a dear friend’s basement. She had used it on the tables at her daughter’s outdoor birthday party this past fall. It looked fabulous and fit right in amongst the pumpkins, apples, and mums.
Since bringing it home I’ve used it for a multitude of projects along with a Sharpie marker.  Yes, it may seem like an unlikely duo, but I’ve been really pleased with the outcome.  It's quick and easy and there is zero drying time.

I really like all the monogrammed items I’ve seen adorning walls, clothes, and even cars. So, with that being said, I decided there was a wall in my dining room that needed some flare. Armed with my burlap, Sharpie, and an inexpensive picture frame I came up with this:


Project #2 was inspired by a quote I'd seen and fell in love. with.  It’s basically the same project as above, but instead of framing the burlap behind glass I mounted it (using basic white glue) onto the insert of a picture frame.  After allowing the glue to dry I went to work writing the quote on the burlap using my trusty Sharpie marker. It’s now found a home on our kitchen wall.

My third project was a pillow case with our last initial.  I took an old throw pillow that we were no longer using and wrapped it in burlap (Shhhh… here’s a little secret, I don’t sew.  So, I use hot glue…It’ll do!).  I cut two pieces burlap the size of the pillow and glued three of the four sides.  Next, I flipped it inside out and inserted a piece of cardboard so I'd have a super flat surface.  My next step was to grab my Sharpie and write our initial.  When I was pleased with the outcome I inserted the pillow and glued the fourth side.  Be sure to fold the edges in before gluing.
Here's the final product:

Super cute, right???  I happen to think so.

My next attempt will be one of those cutesy burlap wreaths.  Tutorial to come!