Thursday, August 8, 2013

Intro to our Insanely REAL Lives

Hello, lovelies!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your lives to read about ours in Real House Life.  My friend, Elise, and I decided to begin this blog because we are masters of everything about our homes.  (Insert HEAVY sarcasm here!)  Truthfully, we both have crazy busy lives, are on tight budgets, love DIHing (which, for the record, as invented by Elise.....ugh, I really want to take credit for that.  DIH is an acronym for Do-It-Herself.  Do you love it?!!!  I DO!!!)  Okay, what was I rambling about?  Oh, yes, our lives.  Both of us want perfect Martha Stewart houses, family dinners and play time with our kids that look like a Norman Rockwell painting, and meals on our tables that would lead you to believe we studied at the Culinary Institute of America.  But, back to reality.  Like most of you, we don't have the funds, time, concentration level necessary, did I mention funds?  That is where our mission in the blog world begins.  

Real House Life will focus on bringing you the most inexpensive, yet incredibly beautiful DIH projects, meals that can feed a family of five with $10 or less (seriously), and daily activities to do with your infants and toddlers that DO NOT INCLUDE TECHNOLOGY.  If that's not cool enough, we will also be hosting a weekly link party so that all of YOU can share your tips, recipes, DIH projects, and anything else "House Life" related.
  Thrilled isn't even the word that accurately describes how excited we are about our little piece of blog pie.  We hope you enjoy, and we love you for visiting!