Monday, October 14, 2013

Wrapping Paper Projects (yes, wrapping paper!!!)

If you're anything like me, you absolutely cannot resist the dollar items in the front of Target.  My boys know the routine...let Mommy take a peek at the bargains, grab some popcorn, and then get down to shopping.

While perusing the aisles I happened upon this fantastic roll of wrapping paper.  At the time, I was unsure of what I was going to do with it, but it was a buck and I couldn't pass it up!  Worse come to worse it would make some awesome gift wrap, but don't fret, it didn't go to waste...

Below are three simple projects I came up with to use the wrapping paper throughout my house.
My first project was as simple as it gets.  I used the wrapping paper as a matte in a picture frame.  All I needed to do was cut it to size and glue the picture to the paper.  LOVE it on our mantle!  

Project #2 was a bit more difficult.  It all started with a realllllly inexpensive little black table (like, cheap as in $35.00).  While the table is asthetically pleasing, the quality is pretty junky, but it was serving its purpose...hold a drink while watching TV and a bit of storage space. 

Step #1: Cut the paper to the size of the space you're covering...make sure to have super straight edges.

Step #2: Glue the paper down.  I used lamination glue, but other kinds would work just fine.  Make sure to apply a generous helping.  Do your best to remove any wrinkles or bubbles (I used an old credit card for that part).

Step #3: Once dry, I applied gloss gel medium (the brand was Liquitex Basics from Hobby Lobby) using the same technique.  This added a slight shine and made the surface water resistant. 


Project # 3 all started with some coffee cans given to me by my sister.  I couldn't resist the challenge to turn them into something useful.  We can always use storage bins to help contain the clutter so, it might as well look cute.  To transform these coffee cans I used the same lamination glue and gloss gel medium as I did for the end table.  Now, our pantry is looking far more stylish!

Wasn't that a dollar well spent???  I even have enough left over to make a matte for another picture frame and actually use some as it was intended and wrap a gift.