Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Create a Wall of Pictures

See this?  Looks like a whole bunch of nothing, right?  My point exactly!  This happens to be my super boring dining room wall.  I knew it needed sprucing, but it was much easier to ignore it rather than face it.

One night while my husband was working late, the house was neat and tidy, and all the boys were asleep in their beds, I could ignore it no longer.  It was 9:30 at night so buying anything new wasn't an option, so I went on a scavenger hunt to see what I could find.  I grabbed any wall hanging or pictures that I wasn't currently using, laid them out on the dining room table, and got to work.  I'm even embarrassed enough to admit that I used a meat tenderizer because I wasn't interested in sifting through my husband's work bench to find the hammer (this happens all too often).

Here's the results of my late-night re-do...
How To:

I began by laying the wall hangings on the table so I could easily move things around until I found a lay-out that would look best.  I found some old pictures  and frames.  I used both burlap and wrapping paper as a matte. The mirror was the focal point so I placed it in the middle and I worked my way outward.  It took a couple of tries until it felt balanced.  Even after placing everything up on the wall I still switched things around.

I'm really pleased with how the wall looks and the space it fills.  Also, it will be really simple to add more or switch out the frames to change up the look.
Here's another wall I did recently.  This wall is in the seating area of our bedroom.  Again, I purchased nothing new.  All I did was take pictures and frames from storage or elsewhere in the house.  I mapped out the best layout by placing the frames in different positions on the floor and then got to work.
Not too bad for late-night projects ;)

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