Monday, October 14, 2013

Shoe Tying Trick


Here's an adorable little shoe tying poem I found in my travels.  I'm hoping it helps teach #2 how to tie his own shoes, as it is no longer flip flop season in PA :(

It was extremely easy to make and only required a piece of cardboard, a marker, ribbon or shoe lace, and something sharp to poke the holes (I used a skewer).

First, I traced #2's shoe onto the cardboard and then wrote the poem.  Next, I poked the holes into the cardboard.  I used three on each side and then laced through the ribbon.  I decided to use two different colors of ribbon to help #2 differentiate between the left and the right.

Now, we haven't had shoe tying success yet, but this has proved to be a fun little tool that he's having fun with and at least getting some practice.  We'll get there!

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