Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Cute Spice Drawer

Tell me if this has happened to you....  You're making chili and the recipe calls for cumin.  You know you have it, but as you search and search through your mess of a lazy susan or spice cabinet it's nowhere to be found.  The ground beef has already started cooking and you need the cumin now. When you finally find it, there's not enough in the bottle to flavor the meat.  Believe it or not, I think I've figured out the answer for all of us so that the above situation never has to happen again.

Before I went looking for something to buy to solve the problem, I thought about the issues that the spice jar/lazy susan combination is giving me. 

My issues were:

Issue #1:  A tablespoon-sized measuring spoon won't fit into the top of the spice jar, so you have to pour the spice in to the spoon which always leads to a mess.

Issue #2:  The jars become a jumbled mess which then becomes a money waster.  How?  Because you quickly look for a spice, don't see it because everything is messy, buy the spice at the grocery store, then realize you had it the entire time.  Now you have two jars of a spice you may only use twice a year.

Issue #3:  My two year old got in the lazy susan daily and, just to get a reaction out of me....which he always did...., would run around the house pretending he was going to open the lid of the jar and pour out the spice.

Where do we begin?  Dollar Tree, baby!  I needed something that could fit in a drawer so it was out of children's reach, have a larger opening than a spice jar, and not look messy.  I found these cute little colorful containers that came packaged as a 2/$1.  I bought a total of ten two-packs which gave me twenty containers for $10! 

I then put a cutesy label on them (it's cutesy except for my handwriting) and added them to a drawer that was pretty much not being used in a purposeful way.  So, for $10, this is what I'm now working with!

The hearts may be a little over the top for you, I understand, trust me.  I just used what I had to make the labels so that I would have to spend any more money.

What do you think?

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