Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brainstorming - Our New 1930s Sideboard

I had many dreams for this past weekend and this week, but my kiddos aren't feeling well. Instead of freaking out about not accomplishing anything (and I literally mean would cringe at the thought of stepping foot in our house right now) I decided to change my focus. This week I'm going to brainstorm. I'm looking at areas of the house that need improvement in whatever way and jotting down ideas. Although I'm normally very decisive about everything, I need YOUR help with something. 

See this gorgeous piece of 1930s Americana furniture? don't think it's beautiful?  You will. At the end of this process, this $30...YES, $30....piece of Habitat for Humanity ReStore furniture will be Gone with the Wind fabulous. (If you don't watch Real Housewives of Atlanta you won't get that, but if you want a good laugh Google "Kenya Moore Gone with the Wind Fabulous".)

Before all of this transforming can begin I need your help. Taking my current wall color into consideration, what color do you think I should paint the sideboard?  I'd love and appreciate your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thanks so much for taking a moment to comment!  :)

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  1. On my computer the wall looks like it is in the blue/grey family. If you want to keep it light I would probably go with either cream or light beige/tan. If you want to go darker for drama my choice would be a red or a darker verson of your blue/grey wall. You could always take a ride on the color wheel and see which colors are contrasting and complimentary as well.

    Best of luck!