Thursday, February 6, 2014

Necktie Organization

Have you ever tried getting wrinkles out of neckties?  No?  It's not fun.  I've burnt so many ties from trying to iron them so I could save paying the dry cleaner $5 per tie just to press them.  Why were my husbands's ties wrinkled, you ask?  Everything was fine until our first son started playing with my husband's electric tie rack.  Every time I opened the closet door there were 50 ties laying on the floor, which would all need hung back up.  We then tried having a tie drawer, which is where the wrinkles come in.  It became increasingly obvious that I needed to find another solution.

I searched and searched our house for the perfect tie holder.  I was almost desperate enough to put them in a 50 cubby Pottery Barn thing I have that hangs on the wall.  That was too over the top for me so I kept searching through my stash of bins (I'm a bin HOARDER).  Suddenly, the clouds parted and the angels sang!  My Ikea cutlery tray that was never used and has been sitting around would be perfection.  It was $1.99 at Ikea and still is.....ahhh, I love Ikea. 

This project was super simple.  (Side note:  If you call every little thing you do around your house a "project", you will feel SO wonderful about yourself at the end of the day!)  I tried to color coordinate the ties, as much as my patience would allow.  Next, I folded them, then rolled them.  Easy!  With the little portion of the tray that was left I put black socks and suspenders, both which are barely ever used.

The great parts about this project (wink, wink) are that all ties are in plain view and not wrinkled, the tray fits perfectly on the closet shelf, and things like black socks, cuff links, and suspenders are all in one place so there's no searching frantically on the morning of the wedding or baptism, or wherever you're going. 

Do you have a system for organizing your husband's neck ties?  Please share. 

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