Monday, January 6, 2014

Spray Paint Transformations

So, I’ve been known to get bored, wander around the house and grab things to “transform.”  You'll find me in the garage armed with a can of spray paint from my massive paint collection. While I usually play it safe and stick to black, white, or oil rubbed bronze, I’m attempting to step out of my color comfort zone.  Go bold or go home!

Most recently Emily purchased some lamps off the clearance shelf (because why on earth would we pay full price) for her master bedroom. While they weren’t her choice of color, the potential was totally there. One can of amazing grass green spray paint and fifteen minutes later the lamps were beyond gorg! They’ll be the perfect accent pieces for her room. Plus, if and when she decides to redecorate (and we know she will) it’ll be an easy project to spray them again in a new accent color.


My latest project was a chandelier for my master bedroom closet.  This mommy has three boys so my closet is the one and only place in home that I insist is void of blue, cars, trucks, and LEGO's.  I needed a little pizzazz in my "happy place."

It's just a standard brass chandelier that I sprayed white.  I know, I know...I should've gone bold, but like I said, I get antsy and white was what was in my spray paint collection.  If I can convince hubby to take it down it'll end up bright pink for sure :)

We’ve jockeyed around quite a few fans in our home in an attempt to re-use instead of buying new. The kitchen fan didn’t quite match the other fixtures so we moved it to the guest room turned nursery. It wasn’t my favorite, but it worked with the shabby-chic look I was aiming for. As my son grew older the fan no longer worked and we purchased a plain white fan to coordinate with the ones in his brother’s rooms. Being the cheapo frugal mama that I am, I was having difficulties just trashing the old ceiling fan.

One can of Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint totally transformed the fan and I LOVE it. It looks fabulous in our family room and replaces the fan that my dear, sweet hubby broke (that's not what I was thinking when he broke it).

Who doesn’t love a $7.00 ceiling fan!?!?

My point being, don’t discount a bargain or repurposing an item just based on color. Think beyond the color... One can of spray paint and a few minutes is all it takes to totally customize an endless amount of accessories, fixtures, etc.  Plus, accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to add this years “it” color into your home.

;) Happy Spraying