Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coupon Organizer

I absolutely pride myself on being a clearance rack shopper.  If it's not on sale, chances are, I'm not buying it.  I can't help it, it's in my DNA.  My mother was an extreme bargain shopper and her mother, as I'm told, was just plain cheap.

While I have skillfully mastered the art of purchasing off the sale rack, I definitely lack in the area of coupon clipping.  Actually, its not the clipping of the coupons that trips me up, its remembering to use them. 

We get weekly circulars with coupon inserts.  I'll take a quick spin through and tear anything out that we'd possible need or use.  Here's the problem...getting those coupons into my purse, to the store, and in the hands of the cashier.  2014 is my year to change all that!

Target Dollar Deals section has once again coming to the rescue.  I nabbed this adorable chevron stripe 7-Pocket Expanding File that'll solve all my problems (well, not all of them).  It even included plenty of stickers for the tabs.


The first step is to choose 7 sections for the coupons.  These will vary from shopper to shopper.  I just notice that these are the areas we purchase the most of.

Health & Beauty
Snacks & Sides

This project took me a grand total of one minute.  All I need to do from here is separate the coupons in the organizer and get to bargain shopping.
Happy couponing ;)

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