Monday, June 16, 2014

Teacher Gift Troubles?

Anyone in the same boat as me?  Having trouble putting together an end-of-the-year gift for all those much loved teachers?

I really adore my kids' teachers and I want to be able to thank them appropriately for all their hard work.  I just couldn't handle going to one of my old stand-by gifts this time around.  Nothing says, "Thanks for all your dedication" like a candle or antibacterial soap...blahhhhh!  I had to get out of my rut!!!

I decided to take a quick spin around the Christmas Tree Shop (and when I say quick, I mean two crabby kids in tow and an ice cream cake turning into soup in the car).   Well, I scored!!!!  I found these adorable printed pitchers, picnic sets, napkins, and hot dog and hamburger holders.  I threw in some ice tea K-Cups and mini paper umbrellas and Ta-da!  We are set!

As you can see by the price tags (don't worry, I removed them) this was not a pricey gift by any means.  By my calculations, each gift cost about $7.00.  Also, it works for both male and female teachers.

It's like a picnic in a pitcher!  How cute!!
And, guess what?!?!  I don't even need a gift bag!  Just throw on some ribbon and a gift tag and it's complete ;)
Any great suggestions?  Let's hear them!

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