Monday, December 30, 2013

Super Simple Straw Holder

As I go through each room of my home, I'm trying to determine which areas of that particular room need some adjustments to run more smoothly.  Straws are the last thing you'd think would annoy someone, right?  Well, our straw situation was becoming a situation.  I keep the straws in the sippy cup/big boy cup cupboard and every time I'd open the cabinet to add a cup, straws would fall out or all over the inside of the cupboard.  So, I'm like "hmmmm....get thinking, girly". 

I looked around my kitchen and found a breadcrumb container that was pretty much empty, so I cleaned it out and added my straws. 

"This is going to be perfect", I thought.  And it was, but it was ugly.  Nothing a glue gun and some cute scrapbook paper can't handle.

There you have solution to a big straw mess. 

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